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Decorative Water Garden Fountain

Various types of decorative water garden fountains are available to enrich your garden pond. An ecological garden biotope looks great with small fountain that reminds to a natural spring.

For a small fishpond, that is as well a eye-catching element in your garden landscape you better install spray fountains like bell fountains, tier or double tier fountains. If you have built a large garden pond a geyser fountain may be most appropriate.

Decorative Water Garden Fountain

In any case we suggest to choose a decorative water garden fountain that goes in type and size along with the proportions of size, shape, and design of your water garden as well as with design and size of the surrounding garden landscape.

Position your decorative garden fountain where it looks best. That's normally in the center of a pond, if you have a circular pond and square pond. If your garden pond has the shape of a long rectangle it looks great to have several water fountains lined up in the center.

There are many models of decorative water garden fountains that are spaying from the sides into the garden pond. Very common are animal fountains like water spitting frogs or fish.

Figurative designs, such as female fountain statues also very popular and you will find the classical type like the Venus from Botticelli as well as modern fountain statuary or even half abstract water fountain statues.

For biotopes and natural fishpond you may consider to combine your water fountain with an decorative rock so the whole installation goes together with the natural concept of your ecological water garden. A solar powered fountain is the best eco-friendly solution for a natural biotope and saves your ongoing energy cost.

If you have a windy site your decorative garden pond fountains may be disturbed and the water may be blown into your garden or on your pond bridge, step stones, or patio around your pond, what would make these places very slippery.

Decorative Garden Pond Fountains

Decorative Garden Pond Fountains enrich your water garden design and help for more aeration for your fishpond. A splashier fountain, like a geyser fountain, will provide more oxygen for your pond fish, but the moving and splashing water may disturb nearby water lilies and other floating pond plants. It needs to consider carefully how to plan and design a water garden with fountains. If you want to have the best solution for fish and marginal plants, instead of a splashing geyser fountain better choose a small bell fountain or a garden pond fountain statue that emphasizes your water garden landscape and keep your floating garden pond plants at the other end of your pond.

Many thinkable variations decorative garden pond fountains are offered. Besides fountain models made of metal or wood, the most favourite choice of garden pond owners are designed stone statues. Very common garden pond fountains are stone carved animal statues like fish, dolphins, ducks, and frogs as standing alone sculptures or forming little groups. Animal motif fountains are corresponds most appropriate with the surrounding nature.

Who wants to emphasize his garden landscape in a more artistic way may want to decorate his garden pond a stone carved human motif fountain. Very popular are beautiful women statues and abstract sculptures used as decorative garden pond fountains. In combination with striking lighting your will create an eye-catching spot for your water garden.

decorative fish fountaindecorative goddess fountaindecorative water fountain basinabstract water garden fountaindecorative frog fountain

Decorative Garden Fountain

Advantages of decorative fountains:

  • provide aeration for fishpond
  • increase water circulation
  • the water's background noise can be very relaxing, especially when other street noise is drown out
  • created an additional attraction for your water garden and enriches your garden landscape

Important suggestions when installing pond fountains What you should consider when installing decorative garden fountains:

  • fountains should not be installed near pond bridges, step stones or surrounding patio to avoid slippery paths
  • the water disturbance by splashing water is not tolerated by floating garden pond plants
Decorative Water Garden Fountain
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Decorative Water Garden Fountain