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Outdoor Water Garden Fountain

Outdoor Water Garden Fountains, Garden Pond Wall Fountains and Garden Fountain Statuaries bring more life and entertainment to your garden. The movement and ripple of water increases the recreation value of your garden with natural elements that divert from daily background noise.

On top of all: any outdoor water garden fountain enriches your fishpond with necessary oxygen and provides ideal environment for your garden pond fish.

Outdoor Water Garden Fountain

We suggest to plan an water garden fountain right from the beginning, before building your outdoor pond. This gives you the opportunity to choose the ideal place, where your garden fountain shines most impressive in the sunlight.

As far as most garden fountain pumps run by electricity, it is a useful advice to plan your garden pond lighting right from the beginning together with the outdoor garden fountain.

Already thought about a spotlight for your garden statuary?

The installation of water garden fountain is simple. You'll find water fountain kits for stationary water garden fountains and floating garden pond fountains, that include all garden fountain accessory.

If you want to position a heavy garden fountain statue made of stone inside your water garden, you have to prepare a solid foundation. Garden ponds built with flexible pond liner as well as pond created with preformed pond shells need to have a solid foundation already under the garden pond.

To protect the pond liner material it's a good advice to put an additional layer of rubber liner between foundation and garden pond liner. This will reduce the pressure from a heavy garden fountain statuary.

The background noise of different outdoor water garden fountains can vary a lot, depending on size and kind.

Outdoor water garden fountain like a high geyser fountain produces a loud splash, while a spaying ball-fountain just causes a light ripple. Evaluate which sound may be most appropriate for your kind of garden before you start building a water fountain and consider carefully how to plan and design a water garden with fountains. Determine which type of outdoor fountain is most appropriate for the entire landscape and garden design.

Different types of outdoor water garden fountains: bell-fountain, fountain ring and fountain combination

Common first time mistakes with Water Garden Fountains

Before you buy or build a water garden fountain for your pond, you should consider appropriate size and shape, that fits best to your garden design and other landscape elements around your water garden. Also keep in mind the effects your water fountain may cause to pond plants and fish. A water garden fountain should not splash continuously on your water lilies, and your fish should still have enough area to swim around outside the range of the fountain.

Don't position your water fountain to close to the garden pond's banks. Otherwise your fountain may blow most pond water out of the pond into your garden. Also avoid to position your water fountain close to bridges or step stones in the pond. Both may easily get slippery and will be a risk for for and your guests. As water garden fountains attract even more people you should be prepare Accident Prevention | Retention Pond Safety, so your friends and especially all kids will always enjoy your water garden without slipping into it.

Variety of different Outdoor Water Garden Fountains

Best for fishponds and design ponds

  • bell fountain
  • geyser fountain
  • combinations of these fountains
  • ball spray fountain
  • ring fountain
  • tier or double tier fountain

Appropriate for garden biotopes

  • natural waterfall
  • spring fountain
  • fountain from outside into the pond
  • very small bell fountain
Water Garden Fountain
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