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Eco-friendly Solar Garden Equipment for your Backyard Pond

There is no doubt that the sound of trickling water is soothing to the soul. However, it is less soothing to the soul when you know that the pond responsible for the sound is not truly environmentally friendly.Fortunately, there are a number of things you can do to improve the eco-friendliness level of your backyard pond, and one of those things is to invest in a solar fountain.

Solar fountains provide many of the same benefits to your pond that a traditional fountain installation would. They help aerate the water, keeping the pond water fresher. This is helpful to any creature living in the pond, and also helps reduce the build up of algaes and other "gunk" in the pond.

Solar garden installation such as environment-friendly fountains

They also provide similar aesthetic benefits. You put the fountain in the pond because you thought it would be attractive. Whether it is visually pleasing to you or an auditory pleasure, if the fountain was ugly and loud you certainly would have never tolerated its presence in your backyard.

In addition to these traditional benefits and pleasures, a solar garden fountain also provides you with cost savings and peace of mind. A solar fountain does not cost you money every month. You simply purchase and install the equipment, without having to do ongoing financial maintenance of the unit as a part of your electric or propane bills. You may even get tax credits in some states for replacing a traditional decorative water garden fountain with a solar fountain-check with your accountant.

You also get peace of mind from your solar fountain. You don't have to worry about hurting the larger environment, but you also don't have to worry about any leak or breakdown negatively impacting the environment in your own backyard. The equipment is also something you can share with others as an example of your commitment to green garden and lawn practices.

With all of these benefits, you might think that solar garden fountain equipment would be prohibitively expensive. This is just a myth. While some solar garden equipment is expensive, solar fountains are generally quite reasonably priced. Manufacturers want the products to be price competitive with traditional garden pond fountain models as well as affordable to homeowners.

Once purchased, the installation of the fountain in your backyard pond is simple. Since you don't have to run wires back to a power source, your main concern will be the placement of the fountain. You will want to ensure that it is in the most aesthetically pleasing part of the pond possible, while still ensuring that it gets a reasonable amount of light. You will find fountains with solar panels that can be installed away from the fountain and other models with built-in solutions. Read more about the great advantages of solar powered equipment for a solar garden, as well as the benefits of alternative energy and renewable energy systems for residential homes.

Most systems do not have to be in full sun all day long, as they store excess power in backup batteries. However, you will want to ensure that several hours of good sunlight is provided to the unit to ensure smooth continuous functioning. The system should be able to run around the clock without needing additional power if you provide it with sun during the day.

Pros & Cons of a Solar Garden fountain

Advantages of eco-friendly solutions for your backyard:

  • a solar garden harvests the sun's free power source
  • no ongoing financial cost
  • no need to worry about increasing energy prices
  • solar garden fountains make you independent from the power grid

Suggestions to avoid at a shady location for a solar garden fountain Avoid to place your solar garden fountain at a shady location

  • store excess power in backup batteries
  • however, they need several hours of good sunlight each day
Installing a solar powered water garden fountain
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