How to Plan and Design a Water Garden with Fountains

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How to Plan and Design a Water Garden with Fountains

Outside of your home lies a way to add square footage to your living space and value to your home. By adding a fountain garden to your yard, you can give you and your family more living space and add beauty and value to your home.

It also gives you a wonderful place to rest and relax, which will allow you to recuperate from work and normal life. Where do you begin in planning and designing a water garden with fountains for your yard?

Plan and design with water garden fountains

Determine the location!

The location is your starting point for your other decisions in planning and designing.

Whether you want it in the center of your yard or you want it in a corner near your deck, by determining where the best location is for your water fountains, you can ensure that it will fit your needs and desires best.

Things to consider in your decision-making are whether you want to be able to see it from the favorite window inside your home or from your favorite relaxing chair, or you want it to be a central part of your landscaping outdoors.

Think about the landscaping around the location choice. Are you going to need an earth mover to ready the area for your fountain garden? Are there large rocks around the area that will need to be moved? Are there trees that will drop leaves into your water garden that will cause you to have to remove them on a regular basis?

By considering what is in the area that you are thinking of for your water fountains, you can better determine what work will be needed to make it into the area that you are dreaming of and will be better able to create a budget.

If you are considering a solar pond fountain, you want to be sure that the area gets enough sun for the fountain to work correctly. Although it stores generated power in integrated batteries, it still needs several hours of sufficient sunshine each day.

Determine the size!

What size of fountain garden do you want or have room for? Whether it is a large area that you have or a small area, you can design water fountains to fit the location that you have. Even if you do not have much of a yard or only have a balcony, because you live in an apartment or condominium, you can use that space to design a water garden that you will love to give you additional living space outside.

Determine the style!

From rustic water gardens to more contemporary water gardens, you will be amazed at the selection that is available in water fountains and gardens. By doing your research, you will be able to find the right style of water garden for you and your personal preferences. Don't be afraid of choosing something that is not "typical".

You want your water fountain garden to express your own personality. From solar pond fountains to water gardens to waterfalls and more, you will find the style and type of water fountain or garden to fit your personal preferences and needs.

Successfully planning and designing water gardens

No matter what size of outdoor area that you have, you will almost certainly find water fountains that will fit your style, your location, and your style. By taking the time to plan and design a water garden with fountains that will work for you, you will increase your satisfaction and enjoyment of this beautiful spot.

Vital determinations when planning fountains gardens

  • Determine a sunny pond location
    • aquatic plants need sunshine
    • don't plant water lilies close to a pond fountain
  • Determine the pond size
    • fishponds will need bigger basins
    • consider fountains to provide oxygen for health water quality
  • Preformed ponds limit pond size
    • to build big garden ponds with fountains consider flexible liner
  • Determine an appropriate pond style
    • design your fountain pond in a way so it works as a completion for the whole garden design
  • Fountain styles for garden ponds
    • ball spray fountain
    • ring fountain
    • geyser fountain
  • Suggestions to avoid shady pond locations Avoid a shady pond location
    • trees will drop leaves into a pond
    • water lilies won't develop well without sufficient sunshine
    • avoid fountains near step stones
Planning a Water Fountain Garden
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How to successfully plan and design water gardens with fountains