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Building a Concrete Backyard Pond

Does your backyard need something special? A concrete pond can be just the thing to add beauty and interest to your backyard to give you that special place to relax and hang out. You may think that a concrete garden pond is not for you, but there are several different reasons why a concrete pond can be a good choice for your yard.

What are the advantages of a concrete pond over a clay pond, a preformed or flexible lined pond?

Build a concrete backyard pond

One of the biggest advantages of a concrete pond over the other pond options is the durability of a concrete pond. Concrete can pretty much last through everything, so by using it as your liner, you will have a pond that will stand up well through normal wear and tear, animals, and weather fluctuations.

A concrete pond can be made any size as well, from ultra-large to small, which can be a great tool for irrigation, firefighting, and aquaculture during drought times.

Some disadvantages of a concrete pond include the price and the building of it. It takes quite a bit of effort to build a concrete garden pond, but it will be well worth it.

Usually it takes an earth mover to dig the hole for a concrete pond and this may take specialized effort and skill. Pouring the concrete is not as simple as throwing a bag of concrete in a hole, especially if it is a larger concrete pond.

It will most likely entail getting a concrete truck to come and pour the concrete in your hole to have enough concrete to line your pond.

The expense can be quite significant over a flexible liner or a preformed pond shell, depending upon the size. Depending upon the size of your pond, however, it may be less expensive to pour a concrete pond, especially over the cost of an ultra-large preformed pond shell.
By considering the cost of a concrete pond over the other types of ponds, you can determine if it is a good choice for you.

The time that it takes to build a concrete garden pond may be much more than the other types, but it will last much longer than the other types of ponds, too. By keeping this in mind, you can ensure that you understand the time that it will take for your concrete pond building. From digging the hole to leveling the hole to pour concrete to giving it time to cure to filling your pond, you will find that it is not an instant process to build a concrete pond, but it is one that if done right, will stand the test of time.

If your backyard needs a little appeal and interest, consider a pond. Whether you choose a concrete pond or one of the other types of ponds, like building a fishpond with preformed shells, or you will find that it can add life and beauty to your backyard. It will also give you an ideal place to rest and relax. What could be better?

Pro and contra: A garden pond in your backyard made of concrete

Advantages of concrete garden ponds Advantages of concrete ponds

  • long durability
  • cannot be damaged by dogs and other animals that walk in or out
  • all forms of ponds are possible

Disadvantages of concrete water gardens Disadvantages of concrete ponds

  • more expensive
  • construction takes more time
  • more difficulties, if the pond form has to be changed afterwards
How to build a concrete garden pond in your backyard
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How to Build a Concrete Backyard Pond