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The great Advantage of a Garden Pond Bridge

Build a garden pond bridge or install step stones to cross your water garden and to enjoy the experience to see your garden from a different angle as well as to have a closer look to your pond life. We advice to plan these pond traverses right from the beginning before you start your pond construction.

Besides new impressions of your garden landscape and entertaining fish watching pond bridges are useful during seasonal Garden Pond Maintenance.

Garden Pond with three Step Stones

Depending on your state or county, you should inform yourself about local regulations according building a garden bridge.
When you start to build a fishpond, you may need an additional building permit and usually, there are directions about size and safety features like railing or angle of inclination.

Garden-Centres offer pre-manufactured, weatherproof water garden bridges and pond bridge elements. You can also design your own bridge across your garden pond. Make sure your individual bridge construction matches in size and style the whole garden landscape.

Many garden pond owner prefer to build step stones in their aquatic garden.

Such stones don't block any view over your water garden like a pond bridge and you get closer to your fish, when you are feeding and watching them. Step stones seem to be a more natural water traverse, no matter if you prefer geometric forms or natural rocky slabs.

Avoid to place your step stones close to garden pond fountains or a waterfall. If water that is constantly spaying on your stones, they will get very slippery and become a huge danger to your or any visitor. Avoid also to use porous stones, because very soon moss will grow on these water garden step stones.

In most water gardens wound and irregular lines in a series of pond step stones fit more harmonically with the biological eco system than a straight line. If you build your own pond by yourself, consider solid constructions for foundation of garden pond bridges or water garden step stones through your artificial lake right from the beginning. Constructions with flexible pond liner need to have the foundation under the underlayment and the flexible liner.

Even preformed pond shells should have a foundation for step stones under the fibreglass pond. In shallow areas of a water garden we suggest natural rocks with a straight side to the top as material for natural looking pond step stones. But even a natural rock needs a non-slip top and a solid basis against wobbling. Attention: some kind of natural rocks can become very slippery after short time.

How to construct a solid basis for 3 different models of step stones in a backyard pond:

How to build foundations for various pond step stones (sketches)?

Pro and Contra: Garden Pond Bridge or Water Garden Step Stones

Advantages of water garden bridges Advantages of Pond Bridges

  • architectonical emphasis for the whole garden landscape
  • provide more safety
  • even in winter safe and usable
  • you can cross with a pram
  • invite to watch and stay longer
  • easy to maintain

Advantages of pond step stones Advantages of Step Stones

  • do not block your view through the garden or over the pond
  • natural appearance
  • long durability
  • need non-wobbly foundation
  • provide more nearness to fish
Fishpond with one natural flat slab as step stone
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