Building a Water Garden With Flexible Pond Liners

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Water Gardens build with flexible liners

Building a water garden or pond in your yard takes quite a bit of time and effort. One of the most important facets of this endeavor is the liners that you choose.

Without a good liner, your water garden or pond will be nothing more than a hole in the ground, because it will not be able to hold water.

Building a Water Garden with a flexible pond liner

There are preformed pond shells that you can put into the ground or install above ground. But if you do not like the shape or size of the preformed shells, you may be looking for a better way.

By using a flexible liner to line your pond over a layer of undergravel, you will be able to have the exact shape and size of pond that you want. What are some of the benefits of a flexible pond liner?

One of the biggest benefits of a flexible liner is that it can be molded to any shape of water garden or pond that you desire.

This means that even if you want a free-formed type of water garden, you will be able to fit your lining over the undergravel perfectly. This is great for those of us who prefer to think outside the box as far as the design of our water garden or pond, or if you want a more natural look.

Flexible pond liners are also easier to work with than the preformed types. You don't have to be quite as detailed and exact in your digging when using a flexible lining, because it will mold to your shape and design.

This makes it easier for do-it-yourselfers. Flexible pond liners are best for larger ponds or water gardens, simply because preformed shells become even more expensive the larger that they get.

There are some disadvantages to flexible liners as well. If you have dogs that tend to jump into any water that they see, this can damage a flexible liner. That is why if you have dogs, you may want to go with a harder shelled preformed liner to protect it from damage.

Different types of flexible liners

There are several different types of flexible liners. Depending upon the flexible liner that you choose, it may not hold up well to cold weather and may not have a lifespan of more than ten years. The best choice for longetivity and durability is the EPDM (Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer) liners. They offer a lifespan of twenty years, are very flexible, and are non-toxic and UV resistant. They also hold up well to colder climates.

With just a little planning and time, you will be able to create a water garden that will stand the test of time. This will allow you to get maximum enjoyment from your project, so that you can rest and relax with the sound of water in the background. What about creating a water garden from World Lakes Collection that offers pond shells modelled after the some of the world's most famous lakes. Whether you choose a flexible pond liner or a preformed pond shell, you will have a pond that will fit your needs and desires.

Quick guide for flexible lining

Important information when working with flexible liners Water gardens made with flexible liners

  • flexible lining is optimal for large freeform water gardens
  • flexible pond liner should be laid out over a layer of undergravel
  • the liner should cover the pond overflow, too
  • edges can be covered with stones or some kind of sidewalk
  • most liners can resist extreme weather for several years, but the material can easily be damaged by dogs when jumping in and getting out of the pond
Flexible liner to make a water garden
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Water Gardens build with flexible pond liners