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Preformed Pond Liner | Fiberglass Garden Ponds

Up to a limited amount of water there are high quality and low-priced garden pond kits available. Such sets combine pond equipment and a preformed pond liner. These ponds, manufactured of high density plastic, are weatherproof, ultraviolet-resistant and solid.

Preformed water ponds with more than 1000 litre (230 gallons) are strengthen with fiberglass and high density polyethylene. So these liners are very durable and shockproof.

Pre formed Ponds with 4 Plant Zones

Such modern fiberglass garden ponds are frost protected and manufacturers and garden pond dealers guarantee between 10 to 20 years on durability and weatherproof. It has become quite easy to build your own pond with those preformed pond liners and this buying guide will provide most important background knowledge and draw some comparisons in sizes and forms.

Manufacturers of pre formed ponds set great store by producing liners with natural forms. OASE for example, has created his Oase Stonecor® World Lakes Collection, a series that is modeled on the most beautiful lakes in the world. Now it is up to you to choose one of those fantastic world lakes and build your own water garden next to your private home.

Most forms of preformed pond liners show asymmetric shapes with natural looking inlets. There are circle and oval shapes, and a great variety of floating pond liner forms. Beside shape, size and depth, these water ponds differ in the amount of preformed plant zones.

If you like to have Koi Karp in your water garden, there are extra deep fibreglass ponds of 50" available. They guarantees that your Koi pond won't ice up in winter, and you don't have to necessarily build your water garden with flexible pond liners.

In any case Koi Pond Heater | Fishpond Heater | Pond De Icer will be best protection for your garden pond against icing over and guarantee gas and oxygen exchange in cold winter months. Such seasonal pond supply can be attached easily to most common pre formed pond liners.
You can find preformed ponds in sizes from 1m2 (15 inch2) water surface up to 6m2 (95 inch2) and pond depths from 40cm (16") to 130cm (50").

All pre-manufactured water ponds with pond depths of 80cm (32") and more are appropriate for hibernation of fish, because they won't ice through completely. Preformed garden ponds normally offer 2 to 5 plant zones. These containers make it fast and easy to build a wonderful fishpond as well as an ecological plant-biotope by yourself.

Manufacturers in your region often offer delivery of their products to your house. If you're building a backyard pond with a preformed pond shell, and if you've purchased a big pre formed pond, make sure you have some helping friends on the day of delivery. When buying a pond compare prices of different dealers. Following volume and price table may help as a buying guide for average preformed ponds:

(Special models of more luxury ponds may vary from this pricelist.)

  • 30 Gallons fibreglass ponds up to $ 145.-
  • 100 Gallons fibreglass ponds up to $ 220.-
  • 270 Gallons fibreglass ponds up to $ 380.-
  • 700 Gallons fibreglass ponds up to $ 720.-
  • 1400 Gallons fibreglass ponds up to $ 920.-
Preformed Pond Liner: form, size, depth and amount of water / diagram

Garden Pond Kits | Build your own Pond

Build your own Lotus Pond

Various manufacturers and garden-center offer Garden pond kits to construct great water gardens by yourself with one set. Those kits often include, beside the preformed pond, water pumps for fountain or gargoyle or a water filter with fountains or other pond fun. As long as you don't enlarge these pond sets by combining a preformed pond with other garden ponds, these pond kits are optimised for your pond volume and save you much time of searching for the proper Garden Pond Pump | Fish Pond Filter for your water garden.

Most pre formed ponds from fibreglass and polyethylene come in black and anthracite. Exclusive garden ponds are available in granite grey and sand beige.

You can easily install a small preformed pond liner by yourself and it's ideal and practical for seasonal pond care. Garden Pond do-it-yourself | How to build a Garden Pond shows step by step how to install a fiberglass garden pond and how to design a whole water garden.

Build your own pond with a pre formed pond liner

Pond kits are very handy for small and middle sized pond projects. Modern shockproof and weatherproof materials are ecologically tested, so they don't disturb the biological balance in your fishpond and frost protection prevents damage to the pond liner during winter. Some materials even prefer bacteria to settle and provide a healthy pond fauna and flora.

Of course there is always the possibility to combine several preformed ponds. Even a combination with an outlaid pond liner is possible. With Garden Pond Streams | Water Garden Waterfalls you will enrich your garden landscape and provide your ecosystem with necessary oxygen. With preformed pond stream elements and waterfalls you will easily create a vivid water garden with fountains and gargoyles.

Take care of Accident Prevention | Retention Pond Safety, when you combine several ponds or when you design a large water garden. Big Garden Pond | Preformed Pond Liner need to have a solid border to provide a secure approach, especially for kids.

Advantage of preformed garden ponds over outlaid pond liners

Deep Fiberglass Garden Pond for Koi Karps

Information: Pro preformed fibreglass garden ponds Advantages of preformed ponds

  • much longer durability
  • resist sharp parts
  • small ponds easy to install
  • ponds are fast to install
  • no trouble about designs
  • maintenance is handy

Information: Contra preformed fibreglass garden ponds Disadvantages of preformed ponds

  • limited in form and size
  • less creative design versatility
  • more expensive
  • edges difficult to hide
  • needs solid foundation
  • must be installed 100% horizontal
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