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Preformed Water Ponds | World Lakes Collection

OASE, market leader for pond supply and garden ponds, has set new standards for preformed water ponds with its new designed Stonecor® World Lakes Collection.

With great creativity the shapes of these garden pond shells were modelled after the world's most fantastic lakes. These replicas are first class products and incomparable in regards to natural design, modern material processing, pond quality and durability.

The preformed garden ponds are manufactured from high density polyethylene. During special processing pure natural stone is combined with the pond shell's basic material. This gives these water ponds an unique natural appearance. And on top: This new developed pond material, which was created together with biologists, is extreme durable, shockproof, and 100% friendly to any pond life. The textured surface of these preformed water ponds offers a completely natural look, ideal conditions for all kind of pond bacteria to settle and creates the healthy biological balance that your fish will need. Furthermore, the Stonecor® series is highly weatherproof and frost resistant. OASE guarantees 15 years on durability of its pre-manufactured garden ponds.

OASE design sample for preformed ponds of World Lakes Collection

All water ponds of this incomparable collection are provided in two designs: sand and basalt.
That makes these preformed pond shells look like natural garden ponds.

With such a preformed water pond you can easily build your own pond by do-it-yourself. By following the topographically shape of our most beautiful lakes of this world, these ponds are a great ecological and visual enrichment for any garden or backyard.
The World Lakes Collection comprises 8 pond models of various shapes and sizes from several continents.

  • Lake Chanka, Ussurijsk / Russia
  • Salt Lake, Salt Lake City / Utah
  • Aral Sea, Aralsk / Kazakhstan
  • Lake Victoria, Mwanza / Tanzania
  • Lake Constance, Constance / Germany
  • Lake Vänern, Karlstad / Sweden
  • Chiemsee, Prien / Germany
  • Lake Titicaca, Puno / Peru

Lake Chanka 153 x 116cm (depth 60 cm) with a volume of 200 litre is the smallest pre-formed pond of this collection. This garden pond certainly fits in any garden or backyard and is easy and fast to install. Designed with the main plant zones you can realize an harmonically water garden.

With a volume of 500 litre and a very interesting form, Salt Lake (196 x 153 cm, depth 70 cm) is the perfect pond for any garden corner or as a connecting link between terrace and garden.

The garden pond model Aral Sea (900 litre, 225 x 178 cm, depth 83 cm) provides with 5 plant zones enough space to design a rich and multi layered pond flora. With Aral Sea you may create a biotope as well as a fishpond. Its shape presents natural beauty and will be a great enrichment for your garden.

Lake Victoria (1200 litre, 275 x 202 cm, depth 100 cm) convinces by its elegance and large scale. The steep coast of this pond model makes it suitable to connect a pond stream or a waterfall. That will provide your pond with necessary oxygen and embellish your garden landscape.

Preformed Garden Ponds of Oase World Lakes Collection

The pre-manufactured garden pond Lake Constance (1300 litre, 292 x177 cm, depth 91 cm), quite longish in shape, provides the pond's biggest water surface. By emphasizing its coastline with aquatic plants and flowers this Lake Constance will become a very eye-catching element in your garden.

Water pond Lake Vänern (1500 litre, 261 x 206 cm, depth 92 cm) invites with its large plant zones to create natural a garden biotope. The pond depth of 92 cm preserves this garden pond from icing through in cold winter and allows fish to hibernate in the pond.

Chiemsee, with a volume of 2000 litre (279 x 223 cm, depth 100 cm) is the second largest preformed water pond of this collection. The basin provides enough space for lots of flora and fauna to develop. Long designed plant zones offer many opportunities to any kind of water garden.

The largest pond of this World Lakes Collection is Lake Titicaca (2500 litre, 305 x 236 cm, depth 110 cm). Even fans of water lilies will find enough water surface for their floating pond plants with this preformed garden pond. Big, half round plant zones provide optimal conditions for splendid water gardening.

To purchase a preformed pond of this marvellous World Lakes Collection you may visit the website of OASE or have a look at your nearest garden-center. It has become very easy and fast to build your own water pond with such a preformed pond shell. Furthermore it is handy and practical for seasonal pond care and it's the most comfortable solution to increase recreational value of your garden.

Pre-formed Ponds: Product Comparison in Volume and Size


  • Lake Chanka, Ussurijsk / Russia, 200 l, 153 x 116 x 60 cm
  • Salt Lake, Salt Lake City / Utah, 500 l, 196 x 153 x 70 cm
  • Aral Sea, Aralsk / Kazakhstan, 900 l, 225 x 178 x 83 cm
  • Lake Victoria, Mwanza / Tanzania, 1200 l, 275 x 202 x 100 cm
  • Lake Constance, Constance / Germany, 1300 l, 292 x 177 x 91 cm
  • Lake Vänern, Karlstad / Sweden, 1500 l, 261 x 206 x 92 cm
  • Chiemsee, Prien / Germany, 2000 l, 279 x 223 x 100 cm
  • Lake Titicaca, Puno / Peru, 2500 l, 305 x 236 x 110 cm
    (all sizes: length x width x depth)
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