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Garden Pond Equipment

Various kinds of technical garden pond equipment like fishpond filters, skimmer and pumps are essential tools to provide a healthy balance in your aquatic ecosystem.

Decorative pond products like waterfalls, pond streams and water fountains are also efficient garden pond additions that guarantee aquatic plants and all pond life to develop in a clear and healthy water world.

A decorative pond fountain will increase oxygen in the water

Read our installation guide How to install a Pond Pump and you will be able to produce efficient circulation and aeration of clean water for your pond fish.

You get continuous water circulation by installing a decorative garden pond statue that comes with an integrated fountain or just add a little pump and let water run over the statuary and fall into the fishpond.

Floating pond fountains are an other helpful equipment in a garden pond to avoid a lack of oxygen. Little decor fountains enrich your water garden visually and help you to relax while listening to the sound of bubbling water.

In a similar way pond stream elements combined with a preformed waterfall will increase the circulation and aeration of your pond water. Besides these decorative products for ponds you will need technical tools like a vacuum cleaner for pond maintenance, a pond heater for hibernating your aquatic life, and several biological pond supply to control algae in the water garden.

Filter-tanks and fishpond filters are helpful pond equipment to recycle huge amounts of water. If you have a big artificial water garden do not just relay on the natural power of self-regulation by your pond plants. Technical and biological water filters for garden ponds are important for clear and healthy water quality, especially during summer.

Efficient garden pond cleaning
Garden Pond Cleaner
with a powerful pond vacuum cleaner

Garden ponds surrounded by many garden plants are often a heaven for algae, because lot of faded garden flora falls in the water. Skimmer can filter out leaves, pollen count or dust that is falling into the fishpond as long as this things float on the water surface.

After this natural rubbish sinks down to the ground you should get it out manually with garden pond equipment like a fishnet, before it starts rotting in the water. We suggest not to allow a thick layer of rotten leaves and mud to build up at the ground. This will for sure diminishes the free living-space for your fish and provide algae growth and cloudy water. Consider installing solar powered garden pond equipment to build a eco-friendly in and around your water garden.

Cloudy water in the pool is a matter of to much plankton that will soon turn your backyard pond into a green water hole.

With garden pond supply like chemical clarifier you can get rid of green algae in a water garden by preventing an excessive concentration of nutrients.

There are other technical tools that send short-wave ultraviolet light with high energy. These equipment kills all micro algae in your fishpond to stop excessive green algae. But this pond supply also reduces most micro organism in your pond. You should use the UV tool only after no technical or biological solution of Pond Algae Control could provide help.

Compare water garden pond supply

Fishpond filters reduce nutrients in the water

Keep an eye on discount pond supply that turns out to be the good bargain. Plan extensions of your water garden after the pond season during your pond's winter break. That's the best time to find even cheap wholesale pond supply.

Water filters, skimmers and fishpond pumps should be cleaned and serviced before you store those products over winter. Never let pumps get completely dry and put them in water until next spring.

If you recognize damages on your fishpond supply use the months before March to buy new pond equipment or to order a more effective replacement.

Various supply for water garden ponds

Technical garden pond products Technical products for ponds

  • preformed fibreglass pond shells
  • fibreglass pond stream elements
  • floating pumps with fountains
  • fishpond filters & skimmers
  • pond netting cover for autumn
  • pond heater & de-icer

Additional products for fishponds Additional pond products

  • de-chlorinator
  • clarifier
  • stop algae & green-free
  • pond liner care
  • fish food for summer
  • fish food for winter
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