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How to design a various Garden Ponds

The crowning of any artificial garden landscape is a lively water garden design with aquatic plants, various fish and a many-sided wild life, that uses the ponds as watering place or to take a bath. Before you start to realise a new garden pond design you should consider a comprehensive Garden Pond Plan for the best Water Garden Pond Location. After that you can begin with constructing and designing your aquatic garden and create a fantastic water world.

Numerous pond ideas for water gardens and design concepts for water gardens present itself: Do you intend to design a water lilies pond with goldfish or prefer natural swim pond for refreshing at home, - a fishpond with domestic fish or decorative fishpond with exotic Koi and fountains, or a ecological plant biotope? The choice is yours.

Design a backyard pond with water lilies

Each garden pond design will effect the surrounding garden or park and demand its own design elements. Start planning what kind of garden landscape will host your aqua pond.

Antique water garden designs

After this you can start to build your own pond, designing banks, fishpond levels, plant zones, pond streams, waterfall, fountains and all areas for aquatic plants.
If you plan to create an aquatic garden as the Romans did in classical antiquity, you should send the water on a voyage through several basins, through pond fountains, decorative wall and sculpture fountains and a waterfall.

Antique water gardens are a relaxing enrichment for any botanical environment, because of the sound of bubbling water. Besides these advantages these techniques increase the water quality by constantly adding oxygen and keeping the water in circulation. This creates ideal living condition for all kinds of water animals.

design an architectural decorative water garden

An other possible design for a decorative water garden landscape is to seek inspiration from those large, architectural designed gardens à la Versailles in France or Peter's Court in Russia.

A fixed symmetry of a decorative and very artificial garden surrounds numerous basins with fountains, geysers and sculptures.
In combination with artistic designed garden patio and lawns, you are able to create a similar symmetrical deco garden even in a small backyard or just in one part of your garden at home.

Old-English aquatic garden and park designs

Who wants to design a garden pond landscape that combines more natural and ecological aspects, may get valuable ideas from old-English parks and botanical gardens. These parks show how natural and historical elements like e.g. small islands, bridges, bubbling springs, decorative rocks, ancient sculptures, pavilions or impressive plants can be combined for garden landscaping and for designing the own pond stream.
These landscapes form a resort where you will find recreation as well as many possibilities to discover nature on miniaturized scale.

Designing a Japanese garden pond

Chinese and Japanese garden ponds are similar in being guided by nature, but originating from different intentions. These Asian aquatic garden installations are poetic transformations that have been reduced to basic element stones, plants and water to increase harmony of botanical nature.

If you decide to create a Japanese Garden Pond or to make a Koi Pond, let guide an aquatic landscape by the philosophy of Feng Shui and choose far-eastern garden decor like a Buddha statue, lotus flowers, fountains made of bamboo and Asian pond bridges.

Designing a Garden Pond by your own

  • Planning and constructing a water garden - step 1 - defining the form of the aqua hole:
    clean the future pond location from undergrowth and mark the shape of the pond with chalk or a hose. Follow the form of all plant pockets while digging from the centre to the edges. The hollow has to be horizontal to avoid the pond of leaking at one side.
  • Designing your own aquatic garden - step 2 - prepare a foundation for garden pond statuary:
    Heavy weight garden sculptures that will be placed inside the garden pond need to be placed on solid foundations below the pond shell.
  • Installing the pond itself - step 3 - lay out the liner:
    Protect your flexible pond liner with a special pond veil below against damages from roots or other sharp things. If you prefer for you backyard a preformed pond shell, install it exactly horizontal.
  • Creating an own aqua landscape - step 4 - put in pond equipment, pond water, and aquatic plants:
    Put water pond statues and step stones on their pedestals and begin to fill up the pond. All technical equipment like pump, filters, skimmer or fountains should be installed now. At last bring in your floating plants and underwater plants. than create multi sided garden landscape on the pond's borders and around your new water place.

Quick overview on how to design a Koi fishpond

Bauanleitung: Gartenteich anlegen Pond Instruction for a Koi fishpond Construction

  • consider pond location / mark the pond's form and zones
  • Koi pond needs a minimum depth of 1,30m (4ft) and lot of space to swim
  • dig from inside to outside / prepare foundations for heavy pond sculptures
  • lay out pond liner or install the pond shell exact horizontal
  • install step stones, sculptures, technical pond equipment
  • fill in 50% of the water, bring in your aquatic plants and plant the banks
  • fill up the rest / wait 8 weeks, before you release the first group of Koi fish
Build your own water lily pond
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