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Designing and Making a Koi Pond

Nothing is quite as relaxing as watching fish swim around and adding this to your own yard can give you that place of refuge that you want and need.

A koi pond can be an excellent addition to your yard that will give you hours of enjoyment and relaxation. All it takes is a little planning, research, and effort to build a home for kois that will add value to your home and your life.

Making a Koi pond for your garden

Planning is essential in making a koi pond. Koi ponds need to be quite large, as koi continue to grow, no matter what size of pond that they live in, so you want to choose a location that will hold a large pond. A koi pond should not be smaller than 1000 gallons in volume and should have areas that are at least three feet, and possibly even four to five feet. The bigger the better in a koi pond.

Another thing that you want to consider is the plants that you put into the pond. Kois love to eat some plants, so you will want to do some research to find those plants that they will not eat.

Now that you have the planning and design of your koi pond out of the way, you are ready to begin the building process.

Begin by laying out the design radius of the pond with a flexible material, like a garden hose. Once you have the shape and size of the pond laid out, you can use spray paint to line the area that you need to dig. Use an edger to cut the area and remove the sod and grass. Dig your koi pond, keeping in mind that it should be no shallower than three feet deep and deeper is better, as it is easier to maintain.

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Make a Koi Pond large and deep

Position the pond filtering system as directed by the manufacturer. Lay down the pond underlayment to help keep the rubber liner safe from rocks, roots, and other damage. Cover the underlayment with the rubber liner for water proofing and, if wanted, cover the liner with rocks. Position any waterfalls or fountains at this time. Place stones or other coping around the edge of the koi pond to keep the liner in place.

Ready the water for the kois by using a de-chlorinator to remove the chorine or chloramines from the water. Add your aquatic plants to the water and other plants around the water garden, as directed by your plant zones. Add fish a few at a time over a few weeks, making sure to give them time to acclimate to the water by placing them in the water in the bag that they come in for a few hours.

What about the koi carp in winter? Koi carp in winter fare very well. They go dormant during the winter, so it is important to not feed them if the temperature gets below 50 degrees Fahrenheit, as they will not digest the food. The temperature of the water should not get below 34 degrees Fahrenheit or the gills on the kois may get ice crystals and kill the fish. By turning off the waterfalls and fountains, and watching the temperature of your pond, your koi can make it through the winter and you can enjoy them year around. Some may finally want to add Japanese garden pond design. Now you are ready to enjoy the fruit of your labors. Pull up a chair and watch your koi swimming around. You will instantly feel more peaceful and relaxed. What could be better than that?

Vital advices when making a Koi Pond / Quick Guide

Vital KoiPond Advice: Designing a garden pond for Koi carp Multiple design ideas for water gardens and backyard ponds

  • Koi carps are social fish. Put at least a group of five Kois in a pond
  • Kois will grow big and love to swim around. Make a large pond your koi fish
  • Fishponds for kois need to be at least three or four feet deep to guarantee their hibernation in the pond. Prevent the pond from freezing all over
  • Add floating pond plants to provide areas where the fish can rest n shadow
  • Water fountains, streams or waterfalls provide circulating and
    clear water, rich of oxygen, which is vital for healthy Koifish
  • check your koi's skin for diseases without wiping away the tiny layer of slime
Prepare your Koi Water Garden Design for Koi Carp in winter
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