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How to design a Pond Stream?

When most people think of water in their backyard, they think of a pond or water garden. There are other design options, however, for adding a water feature into your backyard, including a pond stream, cascading creek, and more.

How do you go about designing a pond stream in your backyard, so that you can get the most from the water features in your backyard?

Add a pond stream to your garden pond

Water features add movement and life to your backyard. A pond stream consists of moving water over and around rocks.

By carefully planning and designing this pond stream, you can make the most of this water feature. You can choose to have the stream flow into your pond or to a waterfall. Either way, you will have a water feature that will add beauty and relaxation to your yard.

Where do you start in the process of design?

Determine the location. A pond stream or cascading creek will work best if there are changes in elevation over the path of it. By planning its path carefully to or from your waterfall or pond, you will be able to have a stream that can be enjoyed by children, pets, and other animals.

Just imagine your kids wading in the pond during the summer or your dog being able to enjoy it. It can give your yard new appeal and fun for every member of the family!

Choose its beginning and ending points. Your pond stream will need a starting point and ending point. For example, you can begin it with a waterfall and end it with a water garden or pond or you can design it any other way that you choose. Keeping the water moving is an essential part of a pond stream to keep the water healthy and clean and full of oxygen for plants and fish.

Water Features: Garden Design and Construction

Plan and prepare for the construction. By digging out the trench carefully, you will find that it will work well for your needs. It needs to be deep enough to keep it from becoming clogged too easily and for kids and pets to play in it as well. Cover the trench with flexible lining to make it waterproof and to keep it from leaking, as this can increase your water bill and effort that you have to put into it. Be sure that you put sand or other soft material into the bottom of the trench to help protect your lining from rocks, roots, and other sharp objects.

If you have been thinking of adding water features to your backyard, you will want to consider adding a pond stream or cascading creek. It will add oxygen to your pond or water garden and it will add interest and beauty to your backyard. In addition, it can give you extra living space outside and can add value to your home. What could be better?

Advantages of Water Garden Features such as: Pond Streams and Cascading Creeks

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  • a pond stream adds movement and life to your garden
  • these water features complete any garden pond landscape
  • streams increase pond quality by adding oxygen to the water
  • cascading creeks can provide vital water circulation to fishponds
Design your own garden pond stream
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Designing Your Own Pond Stream