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Making your own Waterfall for your Garden Pond

Water features added to the backyard add extra living space to your home and added value as well. One thing that you may want to consider adding in your backyard is waterfalls.

These water features give your backyard added interest and appeal that is unmatched by other types of water features. They also add aeration to your pond, helping to keep it healthy.

Designing a waterfall to increase water quality

You can make your own waterfall in your water feature with just a little time and effort.

Where do you start?

Before beginning the building process, you want to take the time to plan and prepare for your waterfall.

By evaluating your yard and your pond area, you may find that there is a place that is ready-made for a water fall or you may not.
Either way, this time will allow you to determine where you want to place the waterfall for the best effect.

Whether you want to be able to see it from inside your home or you want it to enhance another area of the yard, you will appreciate this extra time that you took to determine the best location for your waterfalls.

Now you are ready to plan the waterfall in all details and to start building your water feature.

Several garden pond suppliers offer liner that are ready made for a waterfall feature. All you need to do is install it as directed and then place the preformed rocks around the liner to create a waterfall that you will love. Those liners are very simple and easy to install and come in many different sizes to allow you to create the size of waterfall that you have in mind.
No matter what your design concepts for your water garden are, this is the simplest and fastest way to add waterfalls to your backyard.

Waterfalls with simulated preformed rocks

One of the best things about those preformed liners is that they are made for waterfalls and pond streams. They feature a simulated rock lip that allows the water to flow down over the preformed rocks and are very easy to clean and maintain.

They are very durable, too, simply because they are made of high density polyethylene, which will withstand the weather and the wear and tear that comes with flowing water. There are inlet holes on each side of the liner to allow you to customize it to your particular water feature.

Designing a waterfall for an aquatic garden

These liner for falls also feature a filtering system to help keep your waterfall and pond clean and sparkling. These liners are designed for use with pond skimmers to help keep the pond in optimum condition. By installing this liner, you will find that it is easier to keep your pond clean. If waterfalls are what you want to add to your backyard, you will want to consider the waterfall liner system. This will allow you to easily create a waterfall in your backyard to add life and interest to your yard and your life. It offers a great deal more than beauty, however. It also offers a great and functional way to add aeration to your pond that is unmatched. Consider a waterfalls system today to increase the water quality for your fishpond as well as the landscape of your water garden!

Add Waterfalls to your Water Garden Designs

Garden Pond Advice: Add waterfalls Consider a waterfalls system for your garden pond to:

  • increase the water quality by adding oxygen to the water
  • guarantee the pond water is in permanent circulation
  • add an enrichment to your water garden landscape
  • eliminate noise, such as traffic noise, by the sound of falling water
  • gain the relaxing effect to humans by the sound of splashing water
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