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Fish in a garden pond invite you to watch them and to start dreaming. Lakes and water itself already attracts us, even more colourful fish does. Aquarium-fish give us peace and relaxed feelings. That's why we often see aquariums in waiting rooms. We are fascinated by their colours and love to watch them from a close distance. Garden pond fish, Freshwater Fish in a Garden Pond or Koi Fish in a Garden Pond on the other side are not only beautiful to look at, they are a necessary and important element in our fishpond, too. They help to reduce plankton and insects like mosquitoes - and sometimes even our precious pond plants. Many aquatic fans have set up fish-forums that provide a great platform to discuss own experiences like often seen problems with Herons at a Fishpond. They've also published websites with helpful information about pond fish breeding, fish care and fish feeding in a pond, about fish diseases in a garden pond or they released product reviews on fish-supply and fish shops.

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Fish are not necessary for the balance of the pond, but their presence will greatly increase the speed that it is established. Further, fish eat many of the undesirable visitors to your pond, keep submerged plants pruned, recycle nutrients in the system, and add immeasurably to the beauty of the pond.



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