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The multitude of garden plants and their versatility in colour and shape makes the great beauty of your garden or backyard. Garden plants bring the individual touch to each created piece of nature and play the important part in its ecosystem. Without the flora of water pond plants no garden pond will find its biological balance. Various kinds of exotic garden plants call for vacation and help to create a relaxing atmosphere and wake holiday feelings in your garden. Even if you live in a climate zone, where tropical flowers have to hibernate indoor, they are a great enrichment to any garden design. With winter hard and perennial garden plants you can create permanent, natural recreation for your home. Numerous garden websites are online and provide helpful tips about gardening, garden plant nursery, cultivation, and all important garden plant knowledge. Web shops offer their garden plant catalog, so you may want to order and buy garden plants online at low cost. Who is looking for most detailed biological information should search for a garden plant lexicon.

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Rock Garden Plants
Rock Gardens are effective if built on a natural slope or terrace. Use rocks of one geological type. Good drainage is necessary. Plant a variety of species in the rockery. The Garden should not be larger than can be easily maintained.



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