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The history of garden and backyard ponds goes far back. Since centuries people built water gardens and enjoyed themselves at various water fountains. The age-old impulse "to go towards water", its importance for life and human's desire to control the water found its manifestation in the ideas of earliest water gardens. Today people build their own garden pond to have an area where they can relax and recreate in the own backyard. Garden Pond Plan | Water Garden Pond Design | Location Evaluation are important features, when you decide to build your own pond. With an own backyard pond you are able to watch fish and other animals in their natural environment from a very close distance. Garden pond plants and nearby wetland plants are fascinating to observe because of their growth and colours. Therefore there are many garden pond fans, who share their interests and experiences around the broad subject "garden pond | backyard pond" on their websites with other web users and provide tips and advices for new water garden fans. You will find answers to frequent asked questions like How to protect your pond fish against herons at a fishpond or how to medicate fish diseases in a garden pond before they spread and kill all fish.

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Piscinae Salsae (Saltwater Fishponds)
For years I have been curious about the saltwater fishponds of ancient Rome, so I was thrilled to discover James Higgenbotham's book Pisicinae. This book explains how Roman fishponds were constructed and how they functioned.



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