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It doesn't matter, if you build your house by yourself or hire professional workers to do the house construction, both times you will need actual background information. By surfing through numerous house construction websites you will find all necessary knowledge. House owners tell their experiences about building various houses like: family houses, beach or underground houses, tree houses, Japanese or German houses, boat or greenhouses, and even dog, bat, chicken or doll houses. They also provide helpful information on home design, house construction plans, costs, regulations and of course construction materials. Besides you will find pictures and plans that may give useful tips or your next house project. Ideas and house construction manuals about wooden, stone, or concrete constructions and about city or countryside houses may even give you new inspiration for some remodelling and improvement in your actual house. May be you get finally the perfect construction idea for a new garden house.

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Advantages of setting up your Home with Solar Power
A solar energy guide that compares all the main types of solar power technologies, explains the advantages of each and provides technical information about Photovoltaic power generators, homemade solar power systems, thermal storage devices and passive or active solar heating systems. Informative articles offer advice on choosing the most efficient power system for each situation. With sky-rocking energy prices more and more people are getting interested in residential solar power systems and start buying solar collectors.

All about Wind Power Technologies
English / German online guide shows pro and contra of renewable wind energy technologies and wind power systems. Find out how to install environmentally-friendly horizontal and vertical wind turbines at home. This clean energy guide also informs about various kinds of wind energy installations and possible combinations with Photovoltaic or solar heating systems.

Alphabetic Guide for Alternative Energies
Actual online guide tells you all you need to know about green energies. Include energy saving systems when you build a new house or find out how to install environmentally-friendly energy sources during renovating your home. This clean energy guide informs about various kinds of wind energy, geothermal heat, solar power and biomass. With power saving home electronics you are able to reduce your electricity bill as well as you reduce carbon emissions at home. This information portal shows pro and contra of renewable energy sources in English and German language.

Wood Doors
Homestead Doors offers high quality interior and exterior wood doors shipped jobsite direct to all 50 states and Canada.



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