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No water garden is able to build up a healthy ecosystem without the gas exchange of its water garden plants in and around the garden or fishpond. Each Water Garden Plant and Floating Pond Plant helps your garden pond to find its biological balance. Online forums and garden pond plant websites provide tips and instructions about plant care, plant diseases and pond plant hibernation. Even water garden plant experts will find additional knowledge in some pond plant lexicon. Who is searching for water garden plant pictures will find numerous photo galleries with more or less pond plant information. Last not least: lots of garden web shops present a wide range of garden pond plants. You can buy online at a low price and sometimes you will find even very precious pond plants.

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The Water-Hyacinth - Dymond
The Water-Hyacinth: A Cinderella of the Plant World - Its use in sewage effluents, as a trapper of salts and a water purifier.



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