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Cover your Garden Pond with a Net against Autumn Leaf Fall

To protect your garden pond against leaf fall as well as against herons and other hungry fish thieves all garden centers offer garden pond netting.

The view of those pond covers may look less attractive, but pond netting saves a lot of time of pond cleaning. Leaves and other dead vegetation should never stay in the pond over winter.

Pond cover and pond netting against leaves

Most pond nettings you will find in black and dark green color. You should look for dense nets that won't get rotten very fast. Your should be able to cover the whole water garden with one pond net. It should not easily break and be able to carry the heavy weight of - sometimes - wet leaves.

Professional pond covers are nettings made of robust plastic nets for garden ponds. Good quality pond nettings are UV-stabilised what increases duration, because these nets are sunlight and weather resistant.

Overall: The precaution of UV-treatment for garden pond nettings with avoids moisturizing and the growth of mould and mildew between the mesh.

The pond net will be fixed around the water garden at the pond's banks with a set of net holders made of plastic. Such strong net sticks tighten the pond cover over the whole pond and stretch it from border to border.

Garden pond nets are made of polypropylene or polyester are offered in various mesh sizes to cover garden pond or fish tanks. Very dense mesh nettings prevent even small dead vegetation to fall into the water and little fish to jump out of a fish tank. Overall, these dense garden pond netting provides great shadow for your garden pond during hot summer months. Polypropylene pond nets are available in standard sizes 3x4m, 3x6, 5x4m, 5x6m, 6x4m, 10x4m, 10x10m und 10x20m. Your can use them several years. These anti leaf nettings don't have much weight, are easy to store without taking much space.

Besides efficient precaution against leaves and other vegetation that might fall into your pond, such a plastic net over a water garden is a multisided protection that covers the water surface without blocking any gas exchange between water and air. Especially if you need a long time pond cover for protection against fish thieves like ice birds or herons at the garden pond you should look for a robust net with UV-stabilisation. Pond cover with plastic balls are an efficient protection against a all over frozen pond in winter. The balls prevent the evaporation of colder water at the pond surface and keep the warmth in the pond's depth. Autumn pond maintenance includes an inspection of filtration systems and pond cleaning. Most pond covering are easy to place over the water surface, so consider one of previously mentioned solutions to prepare your water garden in autumn for the winter months.

Pond netting keeps leaves away from your garden pond

Information on covering a water garden with pond netting Covering a water garden with pond netting

  • protects the pond against leaf fall
  • preserves the water from all kinds of things falling in
  • protects the pond fish against herons, ice birds and others
  • prevents fish from jumping out of a fish tank
  • small mesh sized nettings can provide shadow for your pond life
Keep leaves away from the garden pond with pond nettings
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