Autumn Pond Maintenance: Inspection of Filtration System

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Pond Maintenance: Inspect the filtration system in Autumn

Ponds offer year around enjoyment if only you take care of it. The fall months bring with them lower temperatures and beautiful leaves, and they bring a need for pond maintenance.

After enjoying your pond during the spring and summer, it is necessary to take care of your pond to keep it and the fish and plants that enjoy it healthy. This will cut down on the work that you have to do in future months as well.

Pond filtration systems need inspections during pond maintenance in autumn

What are some of the maintenance tasks that you need to do in the autumn months?

Use your skimmer to remove all of the debris and dead leaves from the surface of the water. A skimmer makes this process very easy, as you only have to skim it over the water's surface to get rid of the prospective polluters. If leaves and debris are left in your water, they will die, decompose, and pollute the water, harming the fish, plants, and water.

To protect the pond from future leaf droppage, consider leaf netting to keep the leaves out of your pond. It is an inexpensive way to help protect your pond during the fall and winter months.

Inspect the filtration system and other features of your pond. Make sure that they are clean and in working order. Clean the prefilters and biofilters to help get them ready for the spring months. By doing this inspection now, you will be able to get your pond up and running much quicker in the spring. It also helps to keep your pond healthy during the winter. Read the manufacturer directions for all of the mechanical components of your pond to ensure that you do everything possible to get it ready for the future.

Give attention to the plants in and around your pond. Tropical plants may need to be taken into the house and left under medium light to allow them to make it through the cooler months, while hardier bog plants may simply need to be cut back. Water plants, like water lilies, only need you to stop feeding them, so that they can become dormant. You then only have to move them to the bottom of the pond to help keep them from freezing. Trim any dead leaves from your plants to keep the leaves from decomposing in your pond and polluting the water. By installing additional garden pond netting you are able to avoid leaf fall to fill up your pond.

By using your skimmer to remove dead leaves and other debris, inspecting the mechanical systems, and taking care of the plants, you will get your pond ready for the cooler months and enjoy it for many more months to come. It will only take an hour or two to do all of these maintenance tasks, but they can save hours and even days of effort when you set the pond back up for the spring. After you get through, enjoy the clean pond by sitting beside it and relaxing. You deserve it!

Autumn Pond Maintenance: Inspection of all Filtration Systems

Information on maintenance of ponds and inspection of filtration systems inspect, clean and remove pond equipment before winter, such as:

  • pond fountains
  • pond pumps
  • filtration systems like skimmer, biofilters, prefilters
  • garden pond lightning
Check skimmer, biofilters, or prefilters during pond maintenance
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Inspection of filtration system during an annual pond maintenance in autumn