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Winterizing a Garden Pond | Winter Care of Plants

Garden Pond Cleaning | Pond Vacuum Cleaner

Between March and May water garden plants and pond fish end their hibernation. As soon as temperatures stay above 50°F you realize more movement in your garden pond and your fish swim more often to the surface of the water.

Now it's time for Garden Pond Cleaning and pond care in spring. Dead foliage and leaves that have fallen into the pond after your pond cleaning in autumn have to be removed before the spring season starts.

Pond Cleaning with a Mini Vacuum Pond Cleaner

This biomaterial forms a muddy ground on the bottom of your garden pond, what would be ideal for pond plants to spread uncontrolled, but it would also increase the growth of algae in your garden pond. Clean your water garden with a Pond Vacuum Cleaner like a leaf eater vacuum, if it is a big pond or a mini vac, if it's a small garden pond. A skimmer only removes floating materials from the surface of your water garden, but not dead foliage from under the water.

Even if you are able to remove some foliage with a rectangular fishnet, we advice for thick layers of mud at the bottom of your garden pond to use a pond vacuum cleaner.

Removing all dead foliage and mud protects your water garden from uncontrolled spreading and also restores the original depth of your fishpond.

A pond vacuum cleaner helps to stabilize the biological balance in your garden pond by removing decomposing vegetation and nutrients, that would force algae in your water garden during summer season.

A partial water exchange during garden pond cleaning in spring, - we suggest to change not more than two third of your pond water - will guarantee that you refresh the quality of the water.

Be careful with your pond vacuum cleaner during garden pond cleaning and pond care in spring, because your fish are still motionless and sluggish. It can happen very fast that garden pond fish get distracted or hurt. After pond cleaning and spring pond care increase the water circulation. Any careful pond maintenance in spring in combination with periodically garden pond maintenance through the year using with pond supply such as de-chlorinators and biological clarifiers will enable you to provide a healthy environment for all your aquatic life.

Pond Vacuum Cleaner | Garden Pond Cleaning

During the summer season an effective skimmer is able to clear away most dust, pollen and leaves blown into the pond, as long as these materials are floating on the surface of the water. But after the winter season all biomaterial rest at the bottom of your garden pond. As soon as water temperatures climb above 60°F (15°C) this natural "fertilizer" releases phosphates in the water and provides garden pond plants at first, but later especially algae ideal nutrient to grow. Therefore we advice garden pond cleaning in spring with a pond vacuum cleaner.

You can buy or rent a pond vacuum cleaner for garden pond care. You position a vacuum cleaner outside your garden pond. Vacuum pond cleaners run by electricity (between 900 Watt - 1500 Watt). You remove the mud from the pond's bottom with a vacuum hose, a vacuum pipe and nozzles in different sizes. Any standard vacuum hose can be extended by max 20 meters extension hoses. But more you extend the hose the output of an pond vacuum cleaner will be reduced. This can become quite annoying during pond cleaning.

There are three types of pond vacuum cleaners that function in different ways. When you choose to work with a pond vacuum cleaner with one container you have to stop pond cleaning from time to time to empty the container. Other pond vacuum cleaners are using two containers and / or an output hose, so muddy water can permanently be released as "fertilizer" into the garden during pond cleaning without any interruptions of your work. This helps to go ahead very quick with your garden pond care.

Nozzles for pond vacuum cleaner allow to remove materials between sizes of 2mm and 15mm. Special algae nozzles to remove heavy algae growth and groove nozzles for narrow spots in your garden pond are the most needed vacuum nozzles. If you buy a pond vacuum cleaner make sure that its pumps are protected against running dry.

Pond Vacuum Cleaner: vital technical data, you should consider before you buy

technical performance:

  • max. capacity in liter
  • max. depth of your pond
  • max. size of bio material
  • max. length of hose
  • max. capacity in watt
  • max. vacuum pressure in bar

additional vac cleaner supply data:

  • extension: pipe
  • extension: hose in-put
  • extension: hose out-put
  • length of cable
  • volume of vacuum container
Garden Pond Cleaning | Pond Vacuum Cleaner
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