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What to do during Pond Maintenance in Spring

Spring comes with new life in plants, trees, and flowers, but there are other things that come with spring as well. Spring also brings a need for pond maintenance with all of the inattention that your pond received during the winter months.

Garden Pond Care in Spring

By doing the proper maintenance on your pond in the springtime, you will be able to keep your aquaculture healthier and keep the microbe growth down. Where do you begin in getting your pond ready in the spring?

Basic cleaning is the first important thing that you will have to undertake during spring pond maintenance.

You should do a basic cleaning at least two times a year - in the fall and spring. By cleaning it in the early spring, you keep the microbes from beginning to grow.

It is important to not scrub the sides of the bond, because the gel that is on the sides is actually healthy. The dirt and trash in the bottom of your pond is not healthy.

During the winter the filter was most likely off. Before you start it back up, you will want to clean it. Even if the water was running through the filter during the winter months, it most likely has dirt and debris in it.

The pads or beads that are in the filter need to be cleaned to help keep your water clean and healthy during the following months. Most of the time, these pads or beads can be cleaned by backwashing water through them.

Replacing the filter is normally not necessary, simply because this puts your pond back at the beginning of its life cycle and negates any of the healthy microbes or bacteria that may already be in the pond.

Keep your Aquaculture healthy

Now you are ready to give your plants some attention. Depending upon your plants, the winter may have been very hard on them, but most water plants are very hardy and will come back in the warmer weather. Something to remember is that if they show some green by mid-April, you should keep them, but if no green is seen by this time, it is time to get rid of them. If you had oxygenators and lowered them to the bottom of the pond during the winter to keep them from freezing, now is the time to raise the oxygenators. Check pots for signs that any of your plants need to be repotted, including bulging sides, etc., and take care of these issues. Cut off any brown leaves that are on the plants and fertilize them as needed. Buy any plants that you need to fill in any empty spaces.

Springtime is a great time to get your pond ready for those warmer months. By doing the proper maintenance, you will find that your pond will be healthier and any plants or fish that live in and around it will thrive. Proper care is not that difficult and is much easier than taking care of an issue that may arise from not doing maintenance. It will also keep your aquaculture healthier.

In Spring, raise Oxygenations to keep Aquaculture & Waterlife healthy

What to do during Pond Maintenance in Spring ?

  • Clean the pond with a fish net or a vacuum cleaner
  • Start oxygenators and skimmers for aerating and filtering
  • Check plant baskets and plant pots
  • Control water temperature
  • Bring in oxygen spending pond plants such as Anacharis and Hydrocleys
Pond care during spring: Pond Cleaning
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What to do during Pond Maintenance in Spring?