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Choose your Water Garden Pond Design at an optimal Location

Of course, as soon as you start your water garden pond design, size and shape of your garden area are setting basic limitations when you search for the optimal garden pond location. But as much as possible, you should consider that your pond has to get enough sunlight through the day. Enough means that you plan your garden pond so, that it is able to absorb sunshine for half a day, at least 5 hours.

These instructions for the right pond location you should also keep in mind, if your preparations are not done for a outdoor pond like a water garden biotope, but more for a architectonically integrated "indoor fish pond" for example near an entrance area.

Without sufficient sunlight your water plants won't develop and without healthy plants you might just get an cold indoor stone basin. Neither a water garden waterfall nor a fountain, that pumps oxygen into your designed pond, will be able to replace the missing sunlight. Your "garden pond plan" should prefer the south-side of your garden and avoid the north-side and shadow areas.

As a further instruction for the right pond location you should keep in mind, that according to size and shape of your garden pond, you should be able to reach all sides of the pond, so you can manage your garden work quite comfortable at all times. Therefore even a garden corner far behind needs a well-thought-out planning. If you plan to build a small garden pond, less than 1-1,20m in diameter, there will be not need to be to careful with this, but for big pond consider also retention pond safety.

Water Garden Pond Design with separate Chambers for Pond Drain

Plan a garden pond at an optimal location

May be you are planning a huge garden pond landscape like we did, - e.g. we build a garden pond by do-it-yourself all around our house. Now our house seems to be on a small island and the pond keeps away most creeping insects like ants or caterpillars. If your a garden plan pond develops into a project as we did, you should divide your pond into separate chambers right from the beginning. Years later, when following necessary repairs come up, there will be no need to drain the whole garden pond (- a huge amount of water would be wasted - ) or to move all your fish. With such an early garden plan for your pond you will enjoy many years without a complete pond drain and on top you are thanked with a complex and natural water garden pond design that supports fish, garden environment and pond owner.

If you have built your separate chamber walls less high than the water surface, your garden pond still gives visitors an impression of an huge pond surface and your fish have enough possibilities to swim around. For a better water circulation and for your fish, you should also keep some pipes in those walls, where you can close the flow through in case of a drain and repair. Of course, I don't need to say, that each chamber needs an own drainpipe at its deepest point.

In case you have to drain and repair the pond, use some fish-food as bait to lure the fish away from the chamber, that's gone to be serviced. As soon the the water surface falls below the chamber walls, all flow-through-pipes should be closed and you keep an eye on last fish and other pond fauna, that didn't move out be themselves. Only these last few animals you have to move manual to a neighbouring chamber, that is still flooded before you drain this pond section completely.

Garden Ponds Planning: Avoid a Pond Location near Trees

It's a real great view, when trees mirror on a pond's water surface, but you wish to curse the same trees in autumn, when all their foliage and little dry branches fall down into the garden pond. Choose very carefully which trees will be near your pond. Already when you design your water garden pond avoid deciduous trees very close to your pond. You should also be aware, that if you plant fast growing tree quite close, they may block the sunlight very soon. Even the best pond location in the south side of your garden won't help against the shadow over your garden pond in this case.

Instruction for Pond Location: "Background Noise Garden Pond"

Guess, you have build a gorgeous garden pond landscape with a murmur brook, waterfall or a ripple fountain. For sure a great idea, but did you think of your close neighbours, who had to listen now to all these different water background noise?. You may be able to avoid trouble with your neighbour, if you choose your pond location very reasoned or even may think about a new concept for your garden pond landscape.

Build your own Pond - Planning of Garden Pond Location

Or you can try to waken the fascination of your neighbour and try to win his interest for a common garden pond project over both gardens. Now both of you can plan an even larger garden pond landscape and no one as able to complain about the background noise of the "other one".

Another quite noisy side effect will be the croaking of the pond's frogs. Each garden-biotope will necessarily lure frogs, who will perform loud concerts, especially during the night time. Everyone will hear this background noise till far away and each neighbour has to be in very "romantic mood", to enjoy these concerts as "The Voice of Nature". This should not discourage you to build your Dream of an own Garden Pond. As long as you remember these instructions to find the right pond location, there is no need that your dream will become a late night mare. (Frog-Free Zone in front of your bedroom!)

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