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Pictures of Garden Ponds / Water Garden Pictures

Here you'll find several pictures to give you a few impressions of how amazing water garden may look like. You will find pictures of garden ponds, all realized by do-it-yourself planning and building with just a little help by professional technicians. These fish pond pictures below are all taken in and around a tropical water garden. You see water lilies, papyrus plants, lotus flowers and water hyacinths. Many Water Garden Plants & Tropical Outdoor Plants are an great enrichment to your garden landscape. Left picture shows a tropical water garden pond with Lotus flowers next to an outdoor terrace. Both images (center and right) show goldfish pond with high growing papyrus and reed in the shallows.

Build your own pond with Water LiliesFish Pond Pictures with Papyrus PlantsBuild your own pond with Water Lilies

The pictures below show what a great enrichment to any garden landscape fountains, streams and waterfalls are. You can build a garden pond with Garden Pond Streams & Water Garden Waterfalls with just a few additions, that you will find at most specialized dealers. Fish pond fountains or a waterfall are not only important to enjoy you and your garden friends, they also provide your water garden with oxygen and circulation of the water. You might view more photos and pictures of garden ponds with Flowering Plant Picture | Tropical Plant Photos or you can send us your garden pond pictures. We will consider, if we can publish your pond impressions on further pages with images of garden landscapes with ponds and pools.

Spitting Garden Pond FountainWater Garden Waterfall under Fern TreesGarden Pond Fountain with Basin

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Picture of Garden Ponds | Water Garden Picture