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Water Garden Waterfalls and Streams enrich any Garden Landscape

Of course you thought already to enrich your garden pond with a stream and to create a complex water garden with garden- and water plants. There are numerous kinds of garden pond streams and water garden pond waterfalls for all variations of garden pond models.

If you have bought and installed a preformed garden pond you will also find preformed steam elements made of fiberglass. With these stream elements you will be able to realize any design of bubbling stream to garden pond, no matter if it will go in straight or passing many curves.

If you have built your garden pond with pond folia, you can either build your little brook with preformed stream elements or you use pond folia to design your own bent stream. What means: build the bed of the stream, cover it with folia and hide the end of it at the right and left with stones, little rocks, or with earth and garden plant. Doing so, all becomes one natural garden landscape.

Of course it's the best, if your decision to build a pond stream comes right at the beginning, when you start your garden pond construction. So you have no double garden work. Even if you try to be very carefully you cannot avoid disturbances of the pond life in your water garden.

On the other side, of course you can extend your garden pond even years later and add a waterfall garden or streams. Such a "renovation" of your garden landscape will attract not only the attention of your garden friends, but also of several little animals like squirrels, sparrows, finches and other songbirds. Sure you will enjoy watching these little friends taking a bath in your new designed water garden.

Ponds, Streams and Waterfalls are an enrichment to all Water Gardens

Instead of using preformed waterfall elements, it is an easy job to build your own pond waterfall out of stones. It is vivid addition to your pond stream, if the water splashes down your rock garden.

Besides, you can use your garden waterfall to hide walls (e.g. to neighbours,...) or unpleasant installations in your garden or backyard.

Garden Pond Streams to hide filter basins, etc.

If you have extern filter basins near you garden pond, that you want to hide, it is nearly as easy as with any magic trick, just guide the eye to something else In this case it would be convenient to hide your "water tanks" under a hill, built with the earth that you got, when you built your garden pond. Plant some nice flowers all over this hill and create a bubbling stream bending down the hill into your garden pond. You get a perfect solution to hide your technical installation and a great garden landscape, too.

As already mentioned on other topics, it would make your work much easier, if such garden constructions would happen right at the first time, when you start building your garden pond. There are no limits to your creativity in designing your garden landscape. Let blubber the water of your stream over different kinds of materials.

No matter, if you have created a wild brook or just a tiny trickle, that transports just some water into your garden pond. In any case any vivid stream will pump additional oxygen into your pond and acts as a harmonic conjunction between your garden landscape and your water garden. With enough sunlight and several plants in and besides your stream you will build a great enrichment for your garden. Bring in all your fantasy and creativity, so there is no need that your stream will become an empty stony channel or a naked plastic groove.

Pond Steams and Waterfall Gardens enrich your life

A pond stream and a waterfall garden are even an eye-catching effect, if you have an indoor pond that is integrated into the architecture of your private house or a public building. It will be a great attraction and it will spend necessary oxygen into your fish pond by an attractive way.

Especially in public areas the permanent bubbling of the water will be seen as a welcome background sound, that can absorb lots of daily noise and will be able to have an relaxing effect on the people emotions. Such an integration of an artistic indoor water garden into a public area is quite common in big Asian cities. Beside the value of recreation of such water gardens to passers-by, an Asian philosophy plays a major role for these installations. A rough translation of that philosophy would be:: "As long as the water keeps floating, business is going on, too". According to that we may hope, that more public areas in your big cities will get more water gardens with ponds, streams and waterfalls as well. And even if this Asian philosophy won't come through in our regions, we will get at least more nature into our public areas of big cities.

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