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Flower Plant Photos | Aquatic Plant Pictures

These photos of pond plant flowers show various kinds of aquatic plants. Some pictures, like the very right and left photo below, illustrate floating garden pond plants. Left image shows Pistia Stratiotes, also well known as Water Lettuce or Shell Flower, an aquatic perennial, that multiples rapidly over the whole water surface within a short time by growing many "child-plants" around each center plant. All shell flower plants stay connected with thin stems underwater. Their floating rosettes have ribbed, wedge-shaped leaves. The right picture gives an impression of a water garden covered with the flowering garden pond plant Hydrocleys. Surrounded by strong foliage are standing little light yellow blossoms over the water. The picture in the middle a dense group of Typhia, a kind of reed, that grows very well in shallows.

Water Pond Plant Picture | Pistia StratiotesWater Garden Plant | TyphiaGarden Pond Plants | Hydrocleys

The following pictures of pond plant flowers show further water garden flowers that grow best in shallows. The right photo was taken from Echinodorus, a pond plant that doesn't grow higher than 50cm. Its little white flowers grow in pairs along a wide stretching stem that is able to grow roots for further Echinodorus-plants, if the stem's end comes back into water. The certer image shows a species of Small Papyrus, that reaches only a height of 80cm. This perfect water garden plant prefers shallows and very sunny positions. On thin stems are growing little stars of thin branches. Like other Water Garden Plants & Tropical Outdoor Plants these water pond plants are an exotic enrichment for your garden landscape, that you should not miss. Have also a look at Picture of Garden Ponds | Water Garden Picture. If you want to send us a photo of your exotic aquatic plants, we will consider, if we can publish your flower plant picture on some further pages with images of water garden landscapes and garden pools.

Water Garden Flower | Flower Plant PhotoWater Pond Plants | Small PapyrusGarden Pond Flowers | Echinodorus

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